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Agriculture Crafted for Youth: A New Dawn

Co-Creating Jobs for Youth, Women & PWDs through Agriculture and Technologies:
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What's the Event About?

Despite significant investments in youth-oriented agricultural programs and projects throughout Africa, Kenya continues to grapple with high youth unemployment rates, currently at a staggering 35%, translating to 4.5 million young individuals. This rate is considerably higher than the national unemployment average of 10%. Shockingly, over half of these unemployed youth are struggling to meet their basic food needs.

The primary objective of this event is to establish a robust foundation for cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders. This cooperation aims to revamp the development and execution of sustainable and impactful programs and projects within the agriculture sector, with a strong focus on job creation. Although there have been instances of successful programs that have positively affected the livelihoods of Kenyan youth, there remains a substantial gap in the design, planning, and implementation of these programs. The ultimate goal is to absorb as many young individuals as possible into the agricultural sector, which remains the most significant source of employment in Kenya.
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Dear Participant,

We hope this message finds you well. Happy New Year to you!

We are excited to extend a heartfelt invitation specifically to you to join the inaugural Agritech Kenya County Fair 2024, a pioneering initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development led and officially convened by the State Department for Agriculture falling within Pillar 6 of the Department’s Comprehensive Framework for Increasing Food Production in Kenya, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Gender and Affirmative Action, the Ministry of ASALs, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in partnership with key stakeholders in the “Jobs in Agriculture” space in Kenya.



Why Attend?

Simple. The AgriTech Kenya County Fair aims to go beyond just changing the ecosystem of how Jobs are created in Agriculture – it’s about providing the tools of trade to the Youth, Women and PWDs to be architects of their own success through engaging at different work points along 18 agriculture value chains in Kenya. It’s about the how’s of innovatively utilizing technology to bring solutions within the space of Agriculture for increased food and nutrition security for Kenya. We as stakeholders believe in the immense potential that a young innovative mind can bring in the space of agriculture; whether in direct farming, technology, art, digital engagement – all of our efforts will in the long run translate to a food secure nation where sustainable jobs are realized. Through collective efforts, we are on a journey of co-creating an additional 470,000 jobs per year along the agriculture value chains across 47 counties. Though ambitious, it is doable, taking recognition that Agriculture has the highest potential to absorb the highest number of unemployed youths in Kenya. It is not only doable, but achievable. We know the how, but we need your how. This is an outfit For Youth, By Youth, With Youth.

Agriculture & Technology
Agriculture & Technology
Your Role:

Register Your Attendance:

For more information about the AgriTech Kenya County Fair and its journey

across various counties, please keep visiting www.agritechcountyfair.org.

Your active involvement is not just welcomed; it’s essential. Together, let’s indulge in a paradigm shift of mind and action together. Co-Create and realize the
dream of 470,000 new jobs per year along agriculture value chains for Kenya!!
We look forward to your presence at the AgriTech County Fair, where Innovation meets Opportunity.

Best regards,

—- Innovative Academic Placement Solutions Limited [INAPS LTD]—-

What to Expect:

The "AgriTech Kenya County Fair 2024" has several Key Showcases

Join the event’s Chief Guest, flanked by special dignitaries, delegates and event participants, in the crowning of your very own as the “Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture – Kenya 2024” (YAJA-K Award 2024). The Youth Ambassador will be further commissioned to engage in matters pertaining to advocacy for Jobs for Youth in Agriculture for the Period 1st January 2024 to
31st December 2024 in collaboration with key stakeholders within the agriculture space in Kenya.

Learn the art of crafting compelling pitches for your innovative ideas. Gain insights into securing funding for your AgriTech projects.

Access specialized training sessions tailored for aspiring Agripreneurs. Explore the latest trends and best practices in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Connect with like-minded individuals, mentors, and potential collaborators. Build a network that extends beyond the event for ongoing support and partnerships.

For those opting for the virtual option, we have a Livestream session that will bring the fair to your screen. Participate in real-time discussions, ask questions, and be part of the AgriTech County Fair experience from the
comfort of your space.

Do you have a technology or innovation that could revolutionize agriculture? Whether it’s a mushroom growing technology or a scalable cowhide helmet, we want to hear from you.
This is your opportunity to feature your innovation and contribute to solving challenges along the agriculture value chains while together with other stakeholders co-create one more sustainable job for yourself or for your counterpart.

Engage in one-on-one and workshop discussions with industry experts. Receive personalized guidance on your agricultural projects.

Business Visitors
Conference Speakers
Conference Delegates

The "AgriTech Kenya County Fair 2024" has several key objectives:

Promote accessible and user-friendly agricultural technologies for youth in rural, urban, and peri-urban areas, focusing on both crops and livestock, to facilitate job creation opportunities.
Influence stakeholders’ mindset to intentionally have their companies’ goals leaning towards youth and job creation in agriculture.
Establish a collaborative platform for stakeholders to engage in dialogue, share insights, and exchange information regarding the challenges and successes of youth-focused agricultural programs across diverse ecological zones.
Empower youth by providing them with educational and experiential opportunities to explore potential career paths and livelihood options within agriculture, emphasizing modern farming practices, agricultural investment, and innovative agricultural technologies.

Showcase a wide array of farming technologies and innovations suitable for urban, peri-
urban, and rural settings, including rooftop farming, vertical green systems, hydroponics,
and other cutting-edge solutions.

Develop a comprehensive strategy for the effective implementation of sustainable youth programs within the agriculture sector, aiming to absorb at least 60% of unemployed and underemployed youth, and outline the actionable steps required to achieve this goal.


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