Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture Award – Kenya

Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture Award 


Welcome to the prestigious Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture Award (YAJA-K Award) at the AgriTech County Fair 2024! This annual award celebrates and recognizes outstanding youth advocates who actively contribute to the advancement of jobs in agriculture. It’s here! Its Big! Its Amazing! The “Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture Award 2024” comes to Kenya for the very first time!

For over 5 decades now, the story has almost been the same…” Youth do not find agriculture lucrative hence find it a not-so-attractive affair to dwell in” …How true is this? Is that where the story begins…or is this where the story ends! Is this a fact or a fallacy? All in all …time is now!
Reality has it that hundreds of youth have indulged in agriculture and have found themselves not only building a livelihood for themselves but have literally employed their peers to make a livelihood from what they have built from scratch. It is youth like this that inspire other youth and those young-at-heart, like you and I, to come to the realization that there is more than what is said of youth employment in agriculture. It is a business for many, a livelihood, a way of life.

The YAJA-K Award is a “Symbol of Distinction” bestowed upon two exceptional youth advocates during the AgriTech County Fair. These advocates demonstrate a profound commitment to promoting jobs in agriculture along key value chains, fostering innovation, embracing technology, and driving positive change within the agricultural sector at county and national level. 

The YAJA-K Award is an annual award devised by the Agritech Kenya County Fair and like-minded stakeholders in the job creation space with a focus on agriculture. The team came together and realized the need to not only appreciate outstanding youth that have dedicated their career lives in advocating for engagement of youth in agriculture but have gone ahead to mobilize resources to impact as many youth as possible into sustainable and dignified employment in agriculture through the Agritech Kenya County Fair Outfit; a move that will impact generations to come through this noble initiative that seeks to create jobs for youth.

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About the YAJA AWARD

YAJA-K Award 2024 Ceremony:

Join us, either in person or virtually, for the YAJA-K Award ceremony during the AgriTech County Fair 2024. Our Chief Guest, along with special dignitaries and event participants, will crown the “Youth Ambassador for Jobs in Agriculture – Kenya 2024.” The Youth Ambassador will be commissioned to lead advocacy efforts throughout the year in collaboration with key stakeholders in the Kenyan agriculture space.

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Why Every Year?

Yearly recognition of exceptional youth advocates through the YAJA-K Award ensures a continual celebration of innovation, dedication, and positive impact in the realm of jobs for the youth in agriculture, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous advancement.

Celebrating Advocacy
YAJA-K Award honors the spirit of youth advocacy in agriculture, acknowledging the efforts of individuals dedicated to creating a meaningful impact.
Empowering Future Leaders
By recognizing youth advocates annually, we empower and inspire the next generation of leaders in agriculture to actively engage in advocacy for jobs within the sector.
Driving Positive Change
YAJA-K Award serves as a platform to showcase and celebrate the initiatives and contributions of young leaders, driving positive change in the agricultural landscape.