Adopting Technologies


1. Harnessing AgriTech for Youth Empowerment:

In the context of the Kenya County Fair 2024, the word AgriTech is used to mean a type of machinery, equipment, appliance, service or activity (hi-tech or low tech) that is injected into an agriculture process along the value chain of either a food crop, cash crop or livestock to attain a desired output that has the capacity to contribute to attainment of food, nutrition and income security at household level. Therefore, AgriTech Kenya County fair outfit is focusing on machinery, equipment, appliances, services and/or activities that youth are in a position to easily learn about, adopt and get supported to scale up for their benefit in obtaining/finding sustainable income as a result of their individual involvement and/or engagement along agriculture value chain processes.


2. AgriTech Fair as a Transformative Platform:

Therefore, AgriTech Kenya County Fair 2024 provides a platform for young people to engage with, be exposed to and make linkages on matters agriculture technologies from their peers and experienced experts in the field of agriculture and technology with a view of getting support to find their ‘position’ along agriculture value chains, and not just a position, but a sustainable engagement along the value chain with potential to
earn a living from. It goes without saying therefore, that if young people have to find sustainable jobs along agriculture value chains, their willingness to adopt to technology then becomes a pre requisite to their intentions. Further, technology is not static. 


3. The Dynamics of AgriTech Adoption:

Hence, to reap maximum benefits from technologies associated with agriculture, then the young person must have a self-driven passion to not only try out a couple of Agritechs that appear of benefit to them but must also have the patience, industriousness and will to continually sharpen their skill on the changing dynamics in utilization of AgriTechs at hand within the value chain they are engaged in at the time. It is also important for development partners and key stakeholders in support of young persons’ engagement in agriculture that one size fits all or that one technology fits all counties only results to young people’s resistance, low usage and worst of all meager
return on investments by both private and public investors mandated to create jobs for youth in agriculture. 

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Supporting the AgriTech County Fair